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When Should I Make My Baby Wear Shoes

If you are a new parent one of the questions that may come up early on for you will be, "how soon should I have my baby wear shoes?" This is not an unimportant question as it will affect the health of your child's feet for the rest of his or her life. There is quite a bit of controversy as well as differences of opinion professionally about this question. Some pediatricians and podiatrists recommend that your baby not wear shoes until at least 15 months of age.

Others feel that you should have your child wearing shoes as soon as they're walking. However, one important fact you have to consider is where your baby is walking. If they are just walking around your own home indoors, then there is usually no need for them to wear shoes. But what about walking outdoors? Obviously you wouldn't want your child running around barefoot on cement or in the dirt where there can be things that could hurt or cut the child's feet.

Babies should be wearing a firm and well fitting shoe in this case to prevent any injuries (and dirty socks). Shoes also afford protection from sunburn, cold weather, scratches and bumps, not just for babies but for everyone. Just make sure to give your baby plenty of opportunity to go barefoot, and let them.

A baby's feet are growing and changing all the time so don't keep shoes on for too long at a time. If you do buy outdoor shoes for your baby, take the time and effort to make sure they fit properly. Their tiny toes should not be forced into a pair of shoes that are too snug. Also, be sure the shoes are flexible enough that your baby's feet can still wiggle and move around in them a bit.

Mothers and pediatricians recommend soft soled shoes or booties for comfort and safety. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure it's for the best interest of your child. Don't make them wear shoes all the time for the sake of looking cute in the latest fashions. I see people do this all the time, especially with little girls. She will have plenty of time to ruin her feet with tight fitting shoes when she gets older, believe me! You are the guardian of your baby's feet.

They have no idea what is best for them and left to their own devices will harm themselves. Letting your child go barefoot is best at home when they are playing indoors, and when they are playing outdoors, make sure they have a soft sole for the most natural fit.

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