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Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix4 Preview

Konami reaches out to clumsy people.

May 12, 2006 - Check out the Konami booth at E3 2006 and you are bound to see DDR fan boys crowding around the latest DDR Arcade machine, watching a would-be Michael Jackson shimmy and shake to a techno-jam. Not only does he have a silver glove and touch himself in a suggestive manner, but one dance pad is not enough for him. Every now and then he used both the first-player pad and the second-player pad at the same time, freaking out everyone in attendance. The guy is a pro.

Thankfully, Konami is reaching out to the 99.9 percent of the population that can't dance like Patrick Swayze on speed with DDR Ultramix4, an Xbox-exclusive title set to release this Fall. The three new game modes -- How To Play, Trial and Super Easy -- are geared toward uncoordinated buffoons such as myself, if you couldn't tell by their names.

The title will feature more than 65 new songs, including licensed hits and remixes. The edit mode will allow you to edit background videos and dance steps to any song. On Xbox Live, Ultramix4 will feature online multiplayer via Xbox Live and feature downloadable songs packs, but we're not sure at what price. The good news is that all the previous downloadable songs from the Ultramix series will be compatible with Ultramix4, upping the total of downloadable songs to 75. For fatties, there's also Workout mode. We'll keep you posted on DDR Universe as it nears its release this Fall.
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