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How To Improve Your Vocabulary

Picture all the people you know who are dynamic, successful and self-confident. The ones who are the stars of every gathering. The people who are witty, intelligent and entertaining.

The scintillating personalities who can be relied upon to light up every occasion. These super confident people are never tongue-tied, never shy, never afraid to express an opinion. You will never see them cowering in their seats too shy to express their views or sitting quietly in a corner while others are making all the important decisions. They will never be lost for a friend or short of admiring companions.

But, what is their secret? What amazing source of power have they uncovered that enables them to dazzle and impress everyone they meet? Easy?. They have discovered the ASTONISHING POWER of WORDS. They always know what to say and how to say it. They use words to control and take command of every situation.

So, is it any wonder they're so confident? Now it's your turn to join them, to become a master of words. Words will transform your image and boost your impact in every area of your life. Every day we judge the intelligence, education, and status of complete strangers simply on the basis of hearing them utter a sentence or two. We accept or dismiss them on the evidence of the words they use. It is important to remember that other people judge YOU in exactly the same way! What a powerful vocabulary will do for you ? A powerful vocabulary will : * maximise your powers of persuasion * help you to win friends and influence people * transform your powers of expression * energize your thinking power * give you added poise * pay you real dividends in business and social advancement * impress your fellow professionals, clients, customers, etc. * increase your earning power * enhance your social status * make you more dynamic * enable you to become a fluent and popular conversationalist * do wonders for your image * enable you to articulate your most complex thoughts and ideas * impress friends and strangers * build your self-confidence * lend colour to your personality.

* transform your negotiating skills * bring you instantaneous respect In short, A powerful vocabulary will guarantee your success in life! So a strong command of German vocabulary is critical to your professional success. A broad and precise vocabulary, will enable you to communicate at the high level needed to succeed in today's competitive environment. Executive Vocabulary teaches German vocabulary words with proper grammatical usage in a business context. The result: you expand your German vocabulary and greatly improve your communication with a focus on your professional success.

Jai Patel Uchida writes about German language and German culture.

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