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The Lowdown on Flirting

Everyone loves flirting. It's a normal way of acting and easy action to accept. Everyone also has a different definition of flirting. One might say playfully joking around about something intimate or similar is flirting. One might say playing hard to get, etc, is flirting.

The real definition is obviously showing romantic or physical interest in the opposite sex. Flirting with men can be very fun. Some men love flirts and some do not. It usually depends on how the woman is flirting.

That small fine line between flirting and a tease is usually what women have to deal with. Why is something so simply defined hard to act out? Everyone needs to flirt every once in awhile. Married couples flirt with each other even after ten years. Flirting is something we need and like to have.

Everyone loves to be flirted with and will go out of their way sometimes to flirt back. Flirting is considered harmless in most ways, but sometimes it can be extreme. While being extreme isn't necessarily a bad thing, it can be in some cases. It is best to start with subtle flirting. This will let you see if he is interested the same way without making a complete fool of yourself.

The last thing you want to do is throw on some hardcore flirting and get rejected. Nobody likes that! Statistics show that the way you walk and stand is what the opposite sex notices first. So eighty percent of his first impression is based just on that! This will definitely make you aware of how you carry yourself in public and in private as well.

We all realize that looks are the first thing we see, but sometimes it can easily be bypassed for other things. Such as the way we walk, talk, act, etc. It is not always about how we look. We read that body language is the best indication of flirting.

This is usually the easiest way to flirt and show him we're interested. When talking with a guy do not overreact if his body language is not up to par. There could be many reasons for this and that doesn't make them bad reasons. Touching is a great form of flirting.

Lightly laying your hand on his shoulder or his arm is a great indication we're interested in him. Try to show him subtle hints like this and see how he reacts. If he reacts in the same way, you know the feeling is mutual. If he does not, he either does not understand what you're doing or is not interested that way.

Of all things flirting can be, rocket science isn't one of them. Do not over analyze flirting and how you do it. Flirting comes naturally to us and sometimes we don't even realize when we're doing it. That's how natural it comes! Just have fun with him and be yourself.

Guys are great at flirting as well, so you will definitely know if he is interested in you by the time you end the conversation.

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