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Homeschool Record Keeping

Home school records are a detailed account of activities that home schooled children perform along with their regular studies. It is a methodical strategy that enables parents as well as children to understand and assess their joint progress. They serve as a testimony of all the efforts invested into the overall development of a child.

Keeping records on a regular basis might initially appear to be a tiresome job, a waste of time and energy. However, its significance in the future of the child cannot be over emphasized. It serves as a self- assessed feedback that allows the mentor to decide, modify or make fresh plans in order to bring liveliness to the home teaching program. It could be assembled in the form of a journal, daily planner, diary, flow chart, portfolios or a compact disc. Home school records silently fulfill two basic but nevertheless distinct purposes.

The first is that it helps cope effectively with the requirements of the family and that of the children. It enables all those involved to be acquainted with the effect of home schooling on the family. It can even boost confidence levels, clear doubts, and develop faith in the home schooling system of education.

The second purpose of keeping home schooling records is to adhere to state education laws so that problems do not crop up later. Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, keeping home schooling records ensures development, mental peace and the freedom to make and break ones own decisions based on the visible requirements of the child and the family. a) Confidence Booster: Record keeping acts as a direct confidence booster. It allows the mentor to plan out the whole curriculum with respect to a child grasping ability and inclination towards a particular subject or sports along with the available resources. Formulating new ideas, planning out strategies and running a self established education system certainly adds to the confidence level and aspires students to work harder.

b) Freedom to set desired goals: It offers complete freedom to set self desired goals and progress towards achieving them without any pressure from any corners. It allows immense space to select the most effective and suitable methodology for children based on the family principles and not as per that of the public schools. c) Provides beneficial raw materials for accreditation and documents: It provides invaluable support materials for documentation, which are essential to acquire certificates and diplomas that are critical while applying for jobs in the future.

This even helps in the systematic coding of your thinking, creativity and aesthetic senses. d) Highlights year round achievements: Reading through records at periodical intervals enables you to feel good about the work accomplished. It offers a chance to cherish the special moments spent with kids throughout the year, watching them develop and become wiser every day. Home schooling record keeping proves to be very significant in maintaining the necessary balance between studies and recreational activities.

The most important reason why some parents prefer home schooling is that it allows the freedom of exploring and adopting various conventional as well as unconventional style of teaching and creative processes. Maintaining a record helps assess the relative success or failure of each method implemented.

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