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College Health Insurance

College is a big part of life, and when joining there are certain risk you will have to take some of these involves getting all sorts of insurance and loans: Being a college student can be an utter blast. You get to choose when you want your classes; you get to decide whether or not you want to attend class on any given day; you even get to live without the parents. Now, does this sound pretty choice or what? Let's face it, most of us are stoked to get out from underneath mom and dad's thumb. Finally we get to make the rules and set the curfews. No more lectures about when to be home and where to go out.

It's freedom at last. Well, this is part of the college experience. However, have you considered or dealt with the other parts yet? They mostly consist of loads of homework, paying for a dorm room or apartment, and trying to scrounge up enough cash for books and groceries.

Uh yeah, you could call this the down side of University life. Then of course there is college health insurance. Do you have any? What is the scoop regarding health insurance? When I was in school just a couple years ago, it seemed like many students weren't acquainted with insurance. This is bizarre if you ask me.

How can you go through an entire college career without insurance? This is not practical. Let me tell you why. For one, you may get hurt. Now, I'm not exactly taking about gunned down in the street kind of hurt, but more like a broken arm kind of hurt. What do you think this will cost you without health insurance? Let me tell you that the trip to the emergency room, along with your other bills for getting bandaged up will break your piggy bank.

This is where insurance comes into play. You may not have already known it, but health insurance come as part of your tuition in many cases. If you are a full time student at a reputable University, then you should certainly have the option for insurance.

I know I did. In fact, they took the payment each quarter directly out of my financial aid. It was not expensive to say the least, but yet offered decent coverage. Take advantage of this while you can! It won't be so inexpensive when you hit the "real world." For more information concerning college health insurance, just hop online.

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